[The missing link from this email is https://www.vi4io.org/io500/bofs/isc20/start]

On 2020-07-21 10:39, committee@io500.org wrote:
Dear Submitters and Community,

Thank you all very much who ran the dual submissions.  We appreciate
the tremendous effort this was and are happy to report that we have
analyzed all bash and C-app submissions and did not find any
statistical difference between them.  This analysis will be shared
during our upcoming list release this Thursday.  If you haven't yet
registered, please do so now: link.

Therefore, we will create the Ranked lists using the higher score in
each dual submission (which is the bash result for about half of the
dual submissions and the C-app result for the other half).  It is our
intent to keep both scores in our full and historical lists to provide
the best data set to the community and ensure that your hard work
running dual submissions was fruitful.

If any submitter would prefer to not have both of their results from a
single submissions in the Full list, please let us know and we will
remove them on an individual basis.


The IO500 Committee